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Cherry Tree Fights Against COVID!

While many businesses have their own safety regulations, this is what we, at Cherry Tree, have been doing to prevent COVID:

1. MASKS REQUIRED: It is required for everyone to wear a mask into the building and as you walk through communal areas. As we all know by now, this has proven to tremendously decrease the spread of germs.

2. WE ADVISE YOU TO SANITIZE: Sanitizing stations are implemented throughout the building so feel free to disinfect whenever & wherever!

3. TISSUES = LESS ISSUES: We’ve put in tissue boxes next to high-touch surface areas, such as: elevators and bathroom doors. Please grab a tissue to open doors or press any buttons.

4. LET’S MEET AT 6 FEET: Social distancing signs & stickers are placed throughout the building to remind everyone to keep their distance. We understand that personal space is much needed and respected at a time like now.

5. USE OUR SPACE: We encourage our tenants to use the seating in the lobby or any of the outdoor areas for more open space & comfortability. Feel free to use these areas to have your team meetings, host interviews, or to just enjoy your lunch in peace.

6. AROUND-THE-CLOCK CARE: Our clean team is constantly sanitizing, wiping and cleaning throughout the building. Cherry Tree always prides itself on its service, care and its attention-to-detail.

7. WE CARE FOR CLEAN AIR: Our HVAC systems have consistently stayed on, even during the quarantine, which constantly circulates and filters the air. We also have a fogger machine in place to disinfect those air systems and keep the air quality squeaky clean.

We want all of our tenants and staff to feel as safe as they can be. We believe, especially in this case, that actions speak louder than words. Let us all do our part and care for each other!

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